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What’s Your Story – Craig Brooks

From London to Ibiza and New York, Craig Brooks has crossed a few time zones as an Art Director working with iconic brands such as Mountain Biking UK, Maxim US, Spotify, The Ritz Hotel and Arsenal FC. He ran his own successful Shoreditch-based creative agency before setting sights on a new destination in the sunny South West. Craig talks about his recent appointment as Art Director with Future Positive, part of the Emberson Group, and his new role which gives him the space, flexibility and supportive team to live his creative best life. 

Making the move to leave London to find a better way was the driving forceAfter two decades working in the city, it was time for a change and time to do things differently.   

Freelancing for Emberson Group initially enabled an element of ‘try before you buy’, but from the outset the people-first culturethe flexible distributed model and the overall direction of the company made me feel that I wanted to be part of it. Emberson Group is clearly on a growth trajectory, looking for other like-minded people and entrepreneurial businesses to come on board, it is a highly exciting time to be involved.   

Collaborative Creativity 

Since day one, Ive been tasked with some fantastic branding projects and been given trusted creative license. But it is the creative strategy and cross functional marketing, business and insight skills across the team that I find most impressive. I enjoy working in an environment that is transparent and free from hierarchy. Everyone can contribute to the company’s direction. Since coming on board officially in April, I’ve been part of a new creative wave with the launch of Future Positive. We have a great proposition and energy Collectively, we’re looking ahead as we take Future Positive to market with new and existing clients.  


Emberson Group has a progressive approach to flexible working that really sets it apartallowing the team to be completely nimble and agile. For me, this increases everyone’s wellbeing and motivation and forges trusted, collaborative relationships.  Lots of businesses say they do this, but Emberson really do and they’ve been working this way for over a decade, rather than being forced into it through the pandemic. There is genuine care and integrity to ensure that staff are working well, so that in return clients are working well too.  

Working with an organisation that has a strong sense of team, that respects wellbeing and promotes agile working gives me the space I need to be connected with my family and my local community, whilst at my creative best.    

Whatever your ambitions, if you’re interested in knowing more about what we do and how you could make the difference with the Emberson Group and its network of agencies, we would love to hear from you. 


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