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New appointment within Emberson LeadGen

Claire Bridges has been promoted to Account Director within Emberson LeadGen, part of the Emberson Group of companies.

Commenting on the appointment, Clare Pratt, Group Managing Director, said, “In 2019, Emberson LeadGen redefined its offer, focusing on services that increased the lead engagement and sales pipelines of our clients. The business has gone from strength to strength, which created the need for an Account Director within the business. Claire joined Emberson five and half years ago as an Account Manager and with Alison Graham, LeadGen Manager, has helped craft and shape the LeadGen offer into database management, email campaigns, social campaigns and lead generation, passing the most engaged leads to sales teams across the world on a daily basis. Claire is extremely personable, conscientious and passionate about transforming the value of sales pipelines”.

“I know Claire and Alison are excited about working together and on Emberson LeadGen’s mission of consistent demand generation for our customers. I truly believe that people work with people and this close-knit team will go from strength to strength.

“I would like to extend my congratulations to Claire”.

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Emberson is an employee owned group of brand, marketing and leadgen agencies delivering transformative work for its clients throughout the world.

The work Emberson produces helps clients build and launch brands, increase sales of products and services and gain market share.

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