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Homewood Park is where the heart is…

We had a great turnout at Homewood Park in June for our annual agency summer get together and lunch with our core collaborators. Agency teams from across Emberson Group gathered for two days in the glorious Somerset sunshine to enjoy some quality time together, including a delicious alfresco lunch with our valuable supply partners.

The team at Emberson

Meeting in person after 16 months, has reminded us how essential and life affirming it is to meet face to face and how vital our creative collaborations and trusted relationships are with supply partners.

In recent months everyone’s resilience has been tested professionally, personally and mentally. We want to raise a toast and truly thank our core collaborators for their tenacity, determination and long-term partnerships with Emberson Group during a period in our careers that will never be forgotten. We realise that we are not out of the woods with the pandemic, but doors are certainly opening again for many.

As part of the celebrations, we have reflected on our decade in business and shared our longer-term vision for the future and some exciting growth plans. We’re proud of the journey over the last 10 years. We have created three great agencies within the Group, reaching £2.25m in sales. We’ve rewarded our team, put our people first and kept our word. Our employees have become shareholders and we have proven the distributed model works with our trusted team.

We are excited to be on our way to becoming a certified B Corp. It will require a big commitment across the Group to undertake in full, but we are looking forward to the challenge and the onward process of sustainable growth, development and improvement.

Our plans and our purpose for the next 10 years are clear. We have re-defined what success means to us.  It is not about linear growth.  It continues to be all about our people whilst replenishing and regenerating the resources we use to make life better.

We are now actively looking for new people and new businesses to join us in our next wave. We want to recruit new people to join our existing teams and expand by setting up new agencies, either as start-ups or to acquire existing businesses.

Whatever your ambitions, if you’re interested in knowing more about what we do and how you could make the difference with the Emberson Group and its network of agencies, we would love to hear from you. 

About Emberson Group

Emberson is an employee owned group of brand, marketing and leadgen agencies delivering transformative work for its clients throughout the world.

The work Emberson produces helps clients build and launch brands, increase sales of products and services and gain market share.

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